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Silhouettes of the Crowds

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ET Studio Productions is much more than a place to sing or record. For almost 2 decades founders Joey & Laura have taken pride in developing young artists. They created ETSP to be a safe and comfortable place to create without judgement. Their approach of developing pro habits in a home-like atmosphere has transformed many young dreamers into successful artists who now make a living doing what they love. These success stories and proven results show that ETSP can transform Emerging Talent into Life-long Artists. We are blessed to be a part of the journey!


Half of Me - Rihanna (Cover by Brielle Von Hugel, Justin Bryte, Frankie Zulferino, & Domo)

Half of Me - Rihanna (Cover by Brielle Von Hugel, Justin Bryte, Frankie Zulferino, & Domo)

ET Studio Productions Presents: "Half of Me" featuring Brielle Von Hugel, Justin Bryte, Frankie Zulferino, & Domo Produced and Recorded by ET Studio Productions ( Video Shot & Edited by Matthew Ligotti Special thanks to our INCREDIBLY talented family of artists. Your talent and determination are an inspiration. We Love You! Thanks to Matthew Ligotti for your effort and patience throughout filming. And to Alonzo Williams, for your input and creativity. And finally to all the fans and followers of Brielle, Justin, Frankie, & Domo. Your continued support and faith in all that they do is truly amazing. You are all a special part of this journey and we look forward to sharing many moments together. It truly was a team effort.... But that's just the half of it! Brielle Von Hugel (American Idol Season 10&11): Justin Bryte (MTV Made #DreamBigger): Frankie Zulferino (CW's The Next & America's Got Talent): Domo (The Voice): ~~In Description Tags~~ Half Of Me Cover Rihanna Artist Collaboration Unapologetic Justin Bryte Frankie Zulferino Brielle Von Hugel Domo American Idol The Voice The Next MTV Made Et Studio Productions
Silhouettes of the Crowds

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