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We are a music production and publishing company specializing in songwriting, production, recording, mixing, vocal coaching, piano and guitar lessons, acting, and artist development.

Our clients have appeared on shows including AMERICAN IDOL, THE VOICE,  XFACTOR, CW’s THE NEXT, MTV’s MADE, and RISING STAR. Music by ET Studio Productions can be heard on Season 7 and 8 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” With music degrees from both Five Towns College and Berklee College of Music and years of experience with major artists, our team has the knowledge and experience to help artists achieve their goals and aspirations.

“What a great experience I had working with Joey and Laura Martino at ET Studio Productions. They are so professional yet make you feel so comfortable especially when it’s your first time recording...The quality of their work is second to none. There is no place better. Thank you so much for making this the best experience and I’m looking forward to our next experience together.”
-Student, Marina

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We are an artist development company that offers vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, acting lessons, performance workshops, songwriting workshops, and more! 

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With decades of experience in the music industry, the ET Studio Productions team will guide you through your music career, no matter what stage you're currently in. 

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It's tacky to sing your own praises. So we'll let our students do it for us. These testimonials were written or spoken by students who have either taken lessons or attended workshops with us.

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Starting as a beginner in vocals, Laura improved my ability to sing well enough for a show in not even a year...Her personal experiences provide you with realistic situations that others would ignore. She prepares you for not just singing on stage but connecting with the crowd and being noticed.

— Alec, Student

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best creative environment for recording artists, singers, songwriters, and musicians to capture their musical vision.



My second homeJoey and Laura are the sweetest, most down to earth people ever. Josh is a wonderful acting coach and a really nice person. The kindest students , I felt intimidated at first but I am really close with everyone from there now. Make sure to book in advance because slots are limited!”

-Diana G.

“The atmosphere is unmatched. If you're looking for a safe haven for your creativity this is your place. Every being I've come across in this studio is extremely talented, VERSATILE, HUMBLE and ready to teach and work. They can assist you in vocal training, guitar/piano lessons, writing, producing; they even offer movement classes for performances. Everyone in this studio is just focused on enjoying, creating, and being apart of good music while solely focused on building each other up. You can't  go wrong here. A gold mine that hasn't been tapped yet. Trust me.”

-Leavona G.

“I have no words for incredibly supportive, talented, and amazing studio! The atmosphere is always welcoming and warm, you never feel out of place. Everyone is super uplifting and always there to help one another. Not to mention that the teachers are PHENOMENAL !!! They truly set the bar high when it comes to the people they hire. They are all super experienced and have made livings off their talent. They each bring such unique vibes and skills to the table. Can not find it anywhere else's! Also- the owners of the studio are probably the most SWEETEST humans alive. I seriously mean that! If you want a great studio to get your creative side out there and have an amazing team backing you up- this is the place for you!”

-Amanda F.

“This is the place to go if you are interested in developing your musical talents. There is an amazing support system provided by all the ET staff! Their talents and development skills provide you with a great atmosphere to explore and grow in many aspects of musicality.”

-Tammy F.

“The atmosphere The people The staff are absolutely amazing!!! But The Owners, I cannot put into words how Incredible they are! I'am just overly happy I made the decision to send my daughter to them. I couldn't have ask for better!”

-Joyce S.

“I am so thankful to be a student at ET. I've learned so much about myself as an artist and singer. Each teacher is passionate and dedicated to teaching their students. Because of the help from ET I am able to create original songs that I am really proud of. I love being part of the ET FAMILY”

-Dominique C.

“My daughter is only 6 years old and has been attending ET Studio Productions for over 3 months now. Their passion for what they teach shows in their actions. They have amazing patience and demonstrate great quality in their services. The schedules are flexible. My daughter is 100% comfortable with each instructor.  We could not be more satisfied. I would highly recommend joining this great group of artists.”

-Julie G.

One of the best studios for pop writing, production, performance, and voice in the country.

-Jessica H.

If you are looking for a professional music studio worthy of LA celebrities, look no further.  We found no place else like ET (Emerging Talent) Studio Productions in our tri-state area. There is no place else that puts all their energy into cultivating each and every student into all they can be.  They are miracle workers that offer a monthly forum for each vocalist to hone their talents and find their confidence. There is the possibility for each student to record their work,  gauge their own growth and post it out into the word. They have created a family that supports and propels each other.  The many workshops that they offer help mold each vocal student into the many complicated levels of performance, song writing, reading and writing sheet music and well as learning an instrument.  Each and every instructor has impressive resumes and talent.  They share their many experiences of their education and their work in the music industry. The owners Joey and Laura are relentless in adding the best instructors they can find, the top of the line equipment and staying on top of the ever rising bar. They leave no stone unturned while this studio keeps evolving and expanding.  Any student that has potential, dedication and serious intentions of making their talents into a profession may be invited to be part of TE (The Emergence) Production Company to be managed and guided by their loving hands as have many talents before. Check out YouTube for Brielle Von Hugel, Fly by Midnight, Corvyx & Jax. If you don't believe me, Believe your own ears.  Start by having your child recorded singing and then re-record that same song after some lessons.  It is a small investment but you will hear your investment growing with your own ears.  It is mind boggling what they can do.

-Jennine M.

Where do I begin ??? There is not enough space for me to tell anyone reading this how wonderful this studio is. My daughter has grown in every single way ! Vocals, stage presence , song writing ! The staff are amazing, so supportive and loving Laura and her Joey have created sooo much more than musicians and vocalists they have created a family with love, support and endless encouragement ! There recordings are professional as it gets ! They offer all sorts of workshops that the students never will forget ! If your looking for the most amazing experience and you want to be a part of an amazing family call today !!!!!

-Mary B.

“ET Studio Productions is the best there is.. All staff members are always a pleasure to deal with they are all very professional. My daughter loves attending there for vocal lessons. They make her fell very comfortable and helped her build her confidence with her singing.. I am very impressed with them I would highly recommend them.”

-Francine A.