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Phases of ET Studio Productions Students


Phase 1:
A phase 1 student is someone who only takes voice and/or instrument with us. Even if they are someone who has been here for years, if they are only taking voice and/or instrument, they are considered a phase 1 student. 


Phase 2: 
A phase 2 student is one who actively takes lessons (at least twice a month) and voice has reached a point where the teacher believes the student is ready to record cover songs! 


Phase 3:
A phase 3 student is one who is ACTIVELY taking lessons (at least twice a month), has developed a solid foundation of technique and is beginning to song write and break in their artist shoes. Students in this phase will also begin creating original tracks and record their own songs! This phase is the best time for students to take our performance workshop & schedule Artist Development lessons with Laura! Students need to have completed the workshop and a minimum of five 45 minute Artist Development lessons in order to move onto the next phase. Students in this phase are able to schedule Marketing lessons with Amanda, Content Calendar creations with Sara and private Performance Coaching with Isaiah & Laura  (AFTER THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP). 


Phase 4: 
A phase 4 student is someone who is ACTIVELY taking lessons (at least twice a month), committed to songwriting and recording, and has successfully completed the performance workshop as well as Artist Development lessons with Laura! Students in this phase are strategic with their social media and content creation, focusing on the growth of their platforms and their audience. Phase 4 students seek out professional opportunities such as performances/gigs, writing collaborations, etc. that are not only inside the studio but OUTSIDE OF THE STUDIO. It’s important that students in this phase are on top of generating music and other social media content in a timely fashion with goals in mind. Students in this phase are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to schedule Marketing lessons with Amanda, Content Calendar lessons with Sara, Private Performance coaching with Isaiah and Artist Development lessons with Laura. 


What ETSP Wants YOU to Know About Phases


Disclaimer: The phases are a way for us as an Artist Development and Recording Studio to give each student the correct attention and direction. ET Studio Productions has gone on to develop a greater Artist Development service that extends into marketing, content creation and calendars and private performance coaching. Phases are helpful for our team to understand where students & artists are in their goals and where they will need guidance. 


Phases are NOT based off of talent, but are determined by the clients personal goals and where they stand in their journey. For example, a student can be with us for years and remain in Phase 1 because they do not desire to record music, and only have a passion for learning technique. A student who wishes only to record and release cover songs, will remain in Phase 2 as long their passion remains the same. Phase 3 and Phase 4 students are typically people who share the same goals, but Phase 3 students are those who are new to their artistry and are working to understand the steps needed to take. It’s important to note that artists MUST be developed and have to learn to be comfortable with their style. It is not simple to transition from Phase 3 to Phase 4, but the studio is designed to take our Phase 3 artists who are striving for more, and groom them in a way where they can confidently meet all of the requirements of a Phase 4 artist. 


ET Studio Productions is working hard to support the independent artists of this world and we are looking forward to getting to know and understand the needs of all of our striving artists!

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