We realize that although we have the tools to record great sounds, what’s most important are great songs. We have a talented team of songwriters and musicians whose main goal is to turn even the most basic idea or melody into a well developed song and undeniable vibe, regardless of musical genre.  Together we can collaborate and help bring your vision to life. “A great recording does not make a song great, but a great song is the starting point for a great sounding recording.”


Mixing is a crucial step in the development of a song. Experience, knowledge, and a trained set of ears are important qualities when choosing a mixing engineer. We offer talented and professional engineers, and the integration of digital audio workstations along with analog gear to truly create “the best of both worlds”. Whether you’ve recorded with us or at another location, we have the tools and ability to bring any mix to life!


Our teachers are working and performing musicians who want to share their talents with YOU. You can select either 45 minute or 1 hour individual lessons to learn the best techniques for playing the piano, the guitar, or voice. Your dreams of playing an instrument, either to perform in front of a large audience or just for your own enjoyment, are ready to come true!


Recording can be an intimidating experience for both beginners and studio veterans alike. A comfortable vibe and creative atmosphere are just as important as what kind of microphones to use. Recording really is capturing a live performance, so whether you’re a Pop singer, headbanger or a classical singer, we strive to customize our studio specifically to your needs. Our spacious live room and treated vocal booths can accommodate any size band or project. As for the technical side of things, our studios boast some of the most professional and vintage gear used on many of the recordings you listen to everyday. Our gear includes SSL, Neve, Emperical Labs, BAE, Manley, Avid, Universal Audio, & Waves to name a few.


Our coaches can help transform you from a singer to an ARTIST. We know what it takes to set you apart from the pack, and carve out your own unique path in the music industry. We thrive on helping artists and vocalists of all styles by instilling proper vocal technique, as well as providing guidance in the music business. From learning how to write a song, to creating and performing your set list, honing your artistic vision, and streamlining your social media, we can help! Together, we can map out a strategy, goal-set, and find your strongest and truest voice.


Our acting classes equip students with the confidence and ability to audition for jobs, spearhead their own projects, and access the synergistic work ethic that is universally expected whether on a set or on a stage. Students explore methods codified by Acting Theorists like Constantin Stanislavsky, Sanford Meisner, and Mel Shapiro, engage in activities aimed at unmasking the artist's inner creativity and imagination, work on songs, scenes, and monologues, and learn how to prepare for an audition.

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