Your vocal cords and singing performance benefit from remedies, food, and liquids that lubricate and warm them. That’s why taking a decongestant that causes a drying effect can stop your drippy nose but leave you hoarse or voiceless.

So what do you do if you experience the frantic feeling of having an audition or a performance and being hit with allergies, cold or flu? Or you overexert your vocal cords and find yourself straining when it is time to perform? 

Do you suffer from anxiety prior to performing or when you take the stage?

Mary Hernandez is a Holistic Health Practitioner who practices homeopathy and nutrition. While her practice is in Staten Island, she sees clients from all over the country and the world through ZOOM video conferencing.  She will present a workshop that provides an overview on the core principles that distinguish homeopathy from allopathic medicine as an integral system of natural care that promotes your own capacity to self-heal, and how you can use homeopathy to overcome some of the vocal performer’s most common concerns to optimize your voice and performance. 

You will learn:

o   How homeopathy can provide natural remedies for your day to day health and wellness concerns.

o   What remedies to have on hand to help your rapidly overcome illness that can compromise your vocal abilities

o   Remedies that can help with hoarseness due to overuse of your voice.

o   Remedies that help with stage fright or anxiety before a performance or audition

o   How homeopathy can nurture your creativity and self-confidence for performance or songwriting.

Details: This Workshop is one-hour long.  
Cost: $50