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Read testimonials from our past and current clients!

“Anyone can just grab the microphone and sing. It takes a lot of time, courage and determination to be a performer. I still use every method I’ve learned in the Performance workshop, EVERY TIME I perform. My life has completely changed!”


“I am always in awe in of the people I’ve been lucky enough to encounter in my life...My team at ET Studio Productions have been a beacon of light...You’re only as strong as your team and without the people I’ve worked with, my visions would be just that. Just visions...So I am grateful for their talents, their abilities, and their hearts every single day.”


“Laura is wonderful on so many levels. She has incredible talent, and a love for her craft that she passes on to her students. She is always professional, friendly, and fun. She relates to her students on their level, while always trying to bring them up to the next level. As an artist, a person, and a teacher, she deserves the highest praise there is.”


“I partook in the performance workshop at ET Studio Productions in February 2015. Teaching by her side were two of my talented mentors, Kim Ince and Jes Hudak. This four week workshop ultimately changed my life. It taught me how all we have to do is try. We are all human and no one is perfect. Stay focused, take a leap of faith, take a risk, and never miss out on an opportunity Laura, Kim, and Jes taught me how to have confidence in myself and embrace my originality and my imperfections. Before the workshop I was too scared to even step foot on a stage, and now I never want to put down the microphone!”


“Being the first vocal coach I ever had, I was intimidated and nervous about starting lessons with a virtual stranger. The first day I met Laura, those nerves were immediately eased as she made me feel so comfortable and unafraid. She makes the learning process so enjoyable and continually encourages me to do better. Laura continues to push me to reach my fullest potential through her nonstop encouragement, faith, kindheartedness, and great expertise. I am so thankful to Laura for really helping me find my voice and open it to places I never thought it could reach. She is amazing at what she does and anyone would benefit from the great learning experience she provides!” 


“Laura is in my opinion, the best at what she does! I’ve been training with her for over a year and I as well as others around me have seen a tremendous improvement in my voice. She’s extremely patient and makes the learning process fun and stress free. Her discipline and dedication are sure to rub off on you, making you a better artist and person. Anyone who is in search of a great vocal coach needs to look no further; Laura Monaco is definitely the one to see!!!” 


“From the moment I started lessons with Laura I knew how productive her techniques would be. Her unorthodox approach to teaching is unlike any other vocal coach I have ever experienced. As intimidating as starting vocal lessons may seem she provides a warm and welcoming feeling that shakes all the nerves away. From ones who are just beginning to ones with experience, from the younger generation to the older generation, this is certainly the coach you want.”


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