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          Most singers and performers spend an incredible amount of time rehearsing and pay a fortune on equipment to make sure everything “sounds” right. In today’s world, not enough time is spent learning how to make a real connection between the performer and their audience. Many artists just don’t realize that performing live involves a whole separate set of skills which need to be developed. This workshop is designed to help you apply specific techniques to the stage, and if mastered, will enable performers to truly engage their audience and approach auditions with confidence and conviction! If you’re serious about improving your stage craft and becoming a fearless performer, then we highly recommend this workshop!

You will learn and experience:

  • Amazing performances from today’s artists as well as some guest speakers

  • How to effectively warm up your voice before a show or audition

  • The importance of song choice

  • What is your unique style and how to convey that message to your audience

  • What should the performer possess visually, verbally, musically, and emotionally

  • How to be fearless and command the stage no matter the circumstances!

Details: This Workshop is 4 weeks, once a week with 16 hours of teaching



          Raise the level of your Songwriting with this powerful and innovative workshop. Whatever genre of music you write, and whatever level of experience, this course is sure to inspire and help you become a better Songwriter! Every writer will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with one another in a supportive environment and have the chance to record their scratch ideas. All exercises are tailored to emulate specific areas of songwriting while encouraging and highlighting each writers specific style!

You will learn and experience:

  • How to overcome fear based songwriting and how to let ideas naturally flow to you

  • Your unique writers voice that will let you turn your songs into reflections of your soul

  • The importance of the “Title” and the many different ways it can be used

  • How to write for many different genres and styles of music

  • Careful analysis of Yesterday and Today’s hits and what makes them successful

  • How to overcome writers block and become inspired again!

Details: This Workshop is 5 weeks, once a week with 20 hours of teaching

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